Blind Fish

Caught here in your limestone cave, lost in a limbo of slow water torture, for you, each day is night always, Condemned to circle contours of a god’s point of view, pale swimmers… Continue reading

Winter Trees Cough Like Old Men

Winter trees cough like old men about death’s white nightmares while the rain talks in Latin. They cough about the sobbing tragic ash, they bind valises for leaving, they darken—and in the chill… Continue reading

Is Suicide a Solution?


The Wonders of the Invisible World (1693)

I can tell the name of an ancient author, who pretends to show the way, how a man come to walk about invisible, and I can tell the name of another ancient author,… Continue reading

How I Became Charming, Likeable and Delightful


Man’s Fate


Double life “novelist”

After a lifetime (16 months) in the Nazi camps, Jorge Semprún split between time in Madrid where he was illegal, and Paris. In France he was officially a translator for the UN and UNESCO.… Continue reading

Clarice Lispector




The Moment of Falling in Love…

René Crevel

So what? I love to fly


The Plain

I was alone with a chair on a plain Which lost itself in an empty horizon. The plain was flawlessly paved. Nothing, absolutely nothing but the chair and I were there. The sky… Continue reading

Under Arrest


Having Served His Time



The Milkmaid

The Return of Artaud, Le Momo


I Had a Man

Today when I was walking I had a man tell me as he passed That I was a white bitch (he was white) And to not look at him Or he was going… Continue reading

Gustave Flaubert’s Alfred

Philosopher Alfred Le Poittevin (1816 — 1848) was the first and the best friend of Gustave Flaubert. After the death of Le Poittevin, Flaubert would write “I don’t spend a single day without dreaming… Continue reading

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