Double life “novelist”

After a lifetime (16 months) in the Nazi camps, Jorge Semprún split between time
in Madrid where he was illegal, and Paris. In France he was officially a translator
for the UN and UNESCO. In Madrid, he disappeared to work underground and go
by the name Federico Sánchez.

Semprún once said…

…I have often said I am not a “real” novelist, because for me the true
novelist can use elements of reality to create a world that is more true
to reality than reality itself, precisely because it is completely imaginary.
I love that line by Boris Vian, “In this novel everything is true because
I made it all up”. That is my view, is a novel. And I will never be able
to do that…

I didn’t choose to become a writer, but i did choose to quit being a man
of action. And that opened up the possibility of becoming a writer.